Awesome Show Alert! Tupper Ware Remix Party's Halifax Groove-Invasion + Gigas, The Wax

August 13th 2011
Seahorse Tavern, Halifax
Doors at 10pm
Cover $8 or $6 with spandex suit

In early August of the year 2011, Earth scientists decoded a transmission from an unidentifiable source from the depths of space. The contents of the message are expected to forever alter the course of human history:

"For aeons we have watched from the distant stars, observing Earth's dominant race and its base desire to be entertained. This fundamental, 'human' need is the very thing that we traverse the cosmos to fulfill... and quite simply, our quest is to eliminate boredom across the entire multiverse. In this quest, we have selected to rock the Seahorse Tavern in Halifax on August 13th with our terrestrial allies Gigas, DJ Doctor Beardsley, and The Wax. We are Tupper Ware Remix Party."

Baffled and with little more to add, leading scientific minds plead that all citizens of Halifax attend the event to avoid any possibility of danger and/or boredom. Oh, and they also said that you'll get in cheaper if you wear a spandex/morph suit.



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