Awesome Show Alert! The Sweet Deals Final Farewell Funeral (Last Show Ever Show)

Gus' Pub -  Thursday, August 18 at 10:00pm

Special guests Panos & Hind Legs will be delivering the musical eulogies.

The Sweet Deals, a four piece rock ensemble and one of Halifax's most irrelevant bands, is performing one last time before they are scheduled to expire on August the 18th at the stroke of midnight. The pre-humous funeral bash bonanza will take place at Gus' Pub, and mourners are encouraged to make a donation at the door of whatever they please as there is no cover charge.

The Sweet Deals were unknown in their community for their gift of music and for the time that they spent not doing charity work of any kind. They did no work to improve the quality of education, and in fact had quite the opposite effect, and were of no benefit to any persons around them.

Mourners wishing to attend are asked to wear hideous shirts or other ghoulishly ugly attire as a reflection of The Sweet Deals collective personalities.

Funeral procession is set to start at 10, with donations in lieu of cover.
Proceeds will go towards the mastering costs of The Sweet Deals debut and final album/will.

The Sweat Deals will almost certainly not live on in the hearts or memories of anyone in the city. The Sweet Deals and their families are hoping you will be in attendance for their final show.

Don't forget your hideous shirts.¬if_t=event_wall


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