Album Review: Under the Hill Skin by Jordi Clapés-Bot

by Josh "pinky" Pothier
 If there’s one thing I love it’s cool albums made entirely by one person. For one thing, it’s very unique to our times. With the home recording/DIY release movement in full swing people can take months, even years to craft an album all by themselves, all they need is time. It allows people to see their own artistic vision all the way to the end. Albums made by a single artist are as much an example of one person’s self-discipline and professionalism as it is their talent and ability. You have to know how to present your ideas as well as you have to know how to write them.

I guess what I’m saying is I have an immense appreciation for an artist who can take the time to make something truly wonderful, and Jordi Clapes-Boi has really put together an impressive example of why right now is the most exciting period in music history. Were it not for modern recording techniques being cheaper and more efficient Jordi might not have ever made this album. Were it not for the Internet, I might have never heard it.

I was expecting sort of a stripped down, signer songwriter kind of album, but from the start this album sounded like it was made by a talented group of people. The drum parts are interesting, the guitar parts sound huge, there’s strings, there’s piano, there’s everything you can imagine and it all sounds wonderful. This the an album Sufjan Stevens would make if he listened to Mogwai. Hell, this is the album I would make if I listened to Sufjan Stevens.

I don’t really have any criticisms of this album. There’s a few parts that don’t grab me as much as others, but it’s all pretty interesting. It’s better than 80% of the music I’ve been exposed to lately. That’s pretty decent.


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