Zine Launch Party by artist Mary Green - Wednesday, July 13th 2011 @ The Khyber

Overview & Photos by Stan Béland
Hello, my name is Mary I've been sequestered in the shed at Roberts Street Social Centre making some zines for the last little while. Won't you come check out what I've done and also see some bands? Featuring the musical stylings of:

Like A Motorcycle
Long Weekends:  
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Last Wednesday at the Khyber, artist Mary Green celebrated the fourth issue of her current zine and decided to have a bit of a coming out party. Mary got three of her favorite Halifax bands together, Outta Controller, Like a Motorcycle, and Long Weekends, and had herself a bit of a show.

Up first was Outtacontroller who, at first, looked like mild mannered indie boys that you’d let your 16 year old daughter check out. Then the drummer took all of his clothes off and things got….awesome. These guys were energetic, loud, fun and loud. Have I mentioned they were loud? I’ve seen about 10 shows at the Khyber over the years and NO ONE has unleashed the fury like these guys did. Playing to a room with about 15 people in it, the guys in Outta Controller ripped through a solid set of new tunes that were part punk, part stadium rock and all fun. To get an idea of their sound, think about if it was humanly possible for The Ramones and Weezer to spawn children, share custody of the four dudes in Outta Controller, teach them how to rock and then kick their asses out the door. There were unexpected hooks, balls-out punk breaks, and a solid foundation of rock and roll that had the small crowd rocking out. After the guys finished up their fast and sweaty set, I had the chance to talk to one of the guitarists; he let me know that this was OC’s first show. If this was their first show then watch out Halifax, we might just have a new party band on our hands.
Outta Controller
Outta ControllerOutta Controller
Outta ControllerOutta Controller

Next up were Like a Motorcycle, a band that I’d heard a fair amount about but had never had the opportunity to see live. The three piece band started strong, ripping through a set of songs that were equally influenced by 60’s beach rock, 70’s punk, and 90’s grunge. Bolstered by three vocalists, angular guitars, solid walking bass and staccato drumming, Like a Motorcycle played for about half an hour and didn’t lag very much at all. The highlight of the show was when drummer Michelle Skelding sang an entire song, breathless and barely able to keep up, but still pulled it off all while drumming out a dancey, off-tempo drum beat. The song had elements of a big, fat stadium rock song that left me wanting more. The only downside to Like a Motorcycle’s sound is that it was a bit unfocused, if these ladies can find their “sound” they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the Halifax scene for years to come.
Like a Motorcycle
Like a Motorcycle

Round out the bill were Long Weekends; their music was held down by big, thundering drums and excellent, if somewhat eccentric vocals that brought to mind the likes of Arcade Fire. There are few vocalists that have a “style” anymore and this was one of the best elements of the band. As with Like a Motorcycle, Long Weekends had a somewhat unfocused sound but showed flashes of brilliance and intent that could make them a very interesting band. While the music was certainly the point of their show and was , for the most part, quite good, the on-stage banter back and forth with the crowd provided some of the most awkward/fun moments of the night; glimpses into the dreamscape, thoughts on Metallica and other general nuttiness added to the effect of Long Weekends short set.
Long Weekends
Long WeekendsLong Weekends

Overall the show was a good mix of styles, provided a good promotional tool for Mary and her zines, and provided me with one of my new fav Halifax bands. It also reminded me how awesome the Khyber is for people to get together, talk about art, and listen to some new tunes. Something we can all agree is good thing to have here in the artistic Mecca of the Maritimes we call Halifax.


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