NEWS: Kuato releases Summer EP August 9 on Acadian Embassy

Weaving together intricate movements, emotive melodies and subtle timbres of eerie aggression, Kuato crafts each song of their repertoire into a post-rock instrumental opus.

Taking their cue from post-rock pioneers such as Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky, Pelican and Do Make Say Think, the Halifax-based band meticulously sculpts their music into life-like sonic narratives that pulsate and breathe with every note.

Kuato’s latest effort, Summer EP, is the third album released by the band in just under a year and captures all the elements the band has become known for – melodious angular guitar patterns, sludge-inspired breakdowns, and sprawling powerful compositions – while also introducing a quicker pace and a passionate optimistic energy.

Whether it’s the haunting delay soaked leads of “Iraqnophobia,” the manic driving bass of “Frances The Mutant” or the uplifting vigor of the single “Afghanistan Rogers,” Kuato’s Summer EP is a soundtrack for guiltless, sweltering, constellation-filled summer nights.

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