NEWS: EVOLVE FESTIVAL 2011 Canada’s greenest festival takes its environmental mission to a new level

Evolve Music and Awareness Festival (12th Annual)

July 22, 23 and 24 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

featuring Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Pretty Lights, Dub FX, Chali 2na + over 125 acts on 5 stages, awareness village, full service camping, craft & food fair and much more

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Evolve Festival 2010 - 19
"The big summer music event in Nova Scotia." - The Coast Summer Guide (Halifax)

More than just a great music festival, Evolve Festival offers attendees an amazing range of activities and workshops -- to nourish the mind, body and soul and give thousands of festivalgoers the inspiration they need to keep the true spirit of Evolve alive in communities across Canada and the world. For this year's edition, Evolve is more dedicated than ever to providing the greenest, most family friendly summer festival experience in the country -- to live up to the title of Canada's #1 Music Festival!

Already distinguished as Canada’s Greenest Festival, Evolve is proud to introduce several new initiatives that will take this year’s event to even greater heights of environmental consciousness. 
Upon entering the festival site, Evolve attendees will participate in a ceremony led by a local native elder,  in which they will commit in a spiritually authentic fashion to Evolve’s Green Pledge; to be environmentally responsible during their time at Evolve. Musicians will reference the Green Pledge from the stage, reinforcing the message as a core theme of Evolve.  A “Green Team” will help festival goers sort and dispose of their waste. Eastern Region Solid Waste Management (ERSWM) is providing enhanced clustering and signage for recycling and waste that will make disposal more efficient, and will have a booth set up in the Awareness Village with information on sorting and disposal; ERSWM is a committee of representatives from the six municipal councils in Antigonish and Guysborough counties who are dedicated to ensuring that the area achieves the disposal and recycling goals set out in the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperities Act.

All Evolve posters and marketing materials are printed on select recycled stock using environmentally-friendly waterless printing presses that eliminate vast amounts of water waste. Our print shop uses sustainable, renewable Bullfrog Power to run their printers. Festival clothing merchandise is printed on either organically grown cotton or recycled materials using fair trade and labour practices. And Evolve food vendors in the village use compostable and biodegradable food packaging and cutlery.

“Evolve is yet another example of the arts leading the way in terms of showing the world that environmentally sustainable living is not only spiritually rewarding, it’s good business,” says Evolve Artistic Director Jonas Colter, owner of Yoga Nirvana in Fredericton. “We are grateful to Eastern Region Solid Waste Management for coming to the table with their ideas on how we could improve things even more this year. And we hope that the principles we try to live by at Evolve stay with people throughout the year, that they take the experience back to their communities to help sustainability take root.”

Read more about Evolve’s Green Pledge here:

Dates & Headliner Info:

Evolve Festival 2011 touches down on weekend of July 22-24, among the spectacular rolling oceanside hills of Antigonish, Nova Scotia! Named Canada's #1 Music Festival by CBC Radio 3 last year and the Best Outdoor Festival in North America by Outside Magazine in 2009 Evolve Festival 2011 will feature an amazing 125 artists on 5 stages.

Los Angeles collective Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros are aptly described as musical love-ins- rapturous, theatrical affairs where it is sometimes hard to discern between the musicians on stage (there are, give or take, 13 of them) and the fans in the crowd, all swaying and singing in a state of joyous euphoria.  Their initial buzz from the first show in the summer of 2007 and debut release in 2009’s Up from Below  has risen to a fever pitch for their psychedelic, catchy, and feel-good sound.  Their song "Home” a generated huge internet success, getting millions of hits on Youtube as the soundtrack for the “Guy walks across America” video. They’ve also been featured in several films, commercials and have performed at Coachella and Lollapalooza Festivals.

East Coast Talent:

Atlantic Canadian talent includes salt-water rockers Slowcoaster, fiery redhead singer/songwriter Carmen Townsend, YouTube gib-rap sensation Donnie Dumphy, turntable master Skratch Bastid, ska reggae collective The Idlers, live electro wizards Scientists of Sound, blues-roots duo Isaac & Blewett, the big band groove of Weak Size Fish, instrumental quartet Les Paiens, indie pop darlings Great Balancing Act and so many others!

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Ticket Info:
Regular: $145 plus service charges, Friday at gate: $170, Saturday at gate:$115 and Sunday at gate:$50.  Tickets available at all Ticketpro Locations.  One Tree is planted for ever ticket sold.
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