News: Dog Day release Deformer on August 02 2011

Dog Day release the follow-up to 2009's acclaimed Concentration and debut as a duo, Deformer, on Tuesday, August 02. The album marks the first release on the band's label, Fundog Records.

After a series of disfiguring rearrangements and amputations, Seth Smith and Nancy Urich ripped out the heart of their band and split for the country. They hid away for the winter. Nancy figured out drums. They got chickens. And after some time, they learned to forget about the city and to get by fine with just each other.

They had long pondered the idea being only two; now they would finally do it. Naturally, Seth would keep writing the songs Dog Day fans wanted, but the new approach would be raw, the production back to basics. Without the bells and whistles, the sound would be way more driven. They’d start their own label and screen print the records again. They’d keep it all loose and fun. Real people maneuvers that make a band the real deal. Things change, and after all that’s come before, this is Dog Day right now, evolved to a musical being that is finally a clear reflection of its hosts. The art is now just the life. What more could be asked for?

Even with the overwhelming amount of music being made these days, the ability to write decent songs and emote honest sentiment is still rare. Dog Day have always stood out in this regard, and Deformer demonstrates it better than any past record. The new two piece drum and guitar, wife and husband approach lets the songs shine bright. Deformer is simple and raw in that way that can only come through some kind of earned rock and roll wisdom – being weirdly obsessed for too many years.

Yes, Nancy and Seth have done this thing well for a longtime, and of course, they keep getting better at it. Makes sense.

So here we have the deepest Dog Day fantasy yet. Dark, powerful songs of love and hate, the forest, the sea, dreaming… the deformation into a gang of two.


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