NEWS: Benjamin Russell, The Man With His Heart On His Sleeve Returns!

QUIET is a song from Benjamin Russell's ROCKHILL CD. Reminiscent in sound to King Crimson's "Islands" and in theme to the Beatles' "A Day in the Life", it is pop with a classical feel. The video features paintings from an art show by his father, George E. Russell, as well as cameos with his friends at Jam Industries.

QUIET was written by Benjamin Russell, Elyce and Mike Bessette (the drummer for Russell's punk band, The Strokes back in the late 70's.)

Produced and edited by Benjamin Russell & Elyce for TCBE Records and The Clear Blue Enterprise (socan). Additional camera work by Myriam Porrazzo, Lana Geller and Caroline Kazak. Paintings by George E. Russell, Rivka and Benjamin Russell. Special background graphic effects by André Daigle using QuestVision video panels. Special thanks to Galérie Luz, Jam Industries Ltd., Sandra Chechik, and the cast of several: Jeffrey Carman, Myriam Porrazzo, Lana Geller, Nunzia Cateno, Martine Lapointe, Lilianne Arsenault, Sara Raymond and of course, the man with his heart on his sleeve...

QUIET is available on the iTunes music store:


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