New Music: BABYSITTER - IV (10 song Cassette )

Babysitter’s latest effort, “IV,” overflows with artful aggression, a sense of humor and conviction. Falling somewhere between jolting rock n roll and art-punk, this group of young deceptively talented Victorians slop their way through 10 abrasive, infectious songs. It may seem cliché to use this phrase, but there’s actually no accurate comparison for this band. Some is like an amped up hard-rock Archers of Loaf, some like a less halting and more involved The Fall, and a lot is a mish-mash of everything that’s right about rock ‘n roll. Sludgy, slurring, concise and sprawling rock tracks that make you think that punk’s never been more relevant.

Babysitter is from Victoria, BC, made up of three young men who will be embarking on their first Canadian tour in the fall of 2011. Having successfully completed Western Canadian tours, where they’ve played Wyrd III and Sled Island, they’ve already made their mark on many Canadians and are looking to bring their affecting and mesmerizing live show east.


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