Evolve Festival - Videos from the Vault, Holy Fuck Evolve 2007

Evolve Music and Awareness Festival (12th Annual)
July 22, 23 and 24 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

In celebration of Evolve Festival's 12th year running, Noisography will be posting some of our Videos From The Vault from Evolves past.

We have been attending the festival since 2004 but didn't start capturing moments on camera till about 2007. A lot of footage has been lost over the years but, we still have a lot to share!
We'll be updating with a video a day between now and this years festival which is only a short 6 days away!

Just before the massive lighting storm of Evolve 2007 hit, Holy Fuck took the Mushroom stage and showed us all how it's done!
This was was the first time I had seen the band and remember looking at Dan and saying "HOLY FUCK!"
Which he replied, "exactly!"


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