Show Overview: Unleash the Archers @ Gus' Pub - June 23rd 2011

Overview by Ian Kean
Photos & Video by Tiffany Naugler
Unleash The Archers - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 10

Join British Columbia's UNLEASH THE ARCHERS on their Halifax stop of the cross Canada "Tour Through the Astrowaste" with special guests Last Call Chernobyl, Cicada and Cottus!

Thursday, June 23rd 2011 @ Gus' Pub | 10pm | $6 |

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Another Thursday night at Gus' Pub with local metal bands Cottus , Cicada and Last Call Chernobyl supporting touring band Unleash the Archers on their Halifax tour stop.

First band of the night was Cottus who are a relatively new band on the scene but do not lack stage experience among the members, some familiar faces from other Halifax metal bands like Northend Metal All-stars , Defective Perception and River Nihil all of which have been gigging around Halifax for years. Despite some mic trouble early on Cottus played with power and precision hammering out tune after tune of vicious guitars , silky smooth fretless bass lines and tight as hell blasting double kick rhythm sections. I also enjoyed the use of a didgeridoo in a song and how they integrated short sound clips into their set either in between songs or as ques for certain sections , not a lot bands around Halifax dare to travel in that direction musically ,but I believe it fit really well into their sound. Its a true shame that singer, Brett Campaigne's, mic was not working properly during the majority of the set , he is truly a great front man with a very wide vocal range and some of the most energetic stage antics around. Even though he was hard to hear on this particular night he still added greatly to the overall performance of the band by giving 110 percent regardless of the mic issues.

Cicada - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 03The next band up was Cicada, who have been around the metal scene in Halifax for about two years now and are always fantastic to see live , and it was no different at all from these boys tonight. Their set was ULTRA tight and their songs were long and elaborate with many twist and turns and strange time signatures. One thing I've always loved about this band is no matter how many parts or time signatures they jump to or from, it never loses that core groove that keeps you head banging and the beers flowing. Cicada also offer something that not a lot of metal bands offer with the addition of a hand drummer to help thicken up the rhythm section and add a little extra attack on the heavy sections. For the most part it works well with their sound and helps them to stand out a little from their peers. I hear tell of their debut CD being released soon and am very excited to hear it.
Cicada - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 08

Cicada - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 01
Cicada - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 06

Last Call Chernobyl - Gus' Pub - June 23rd 2011 - 05The third band of the night was one of some recent success having been nominated for an ECMA and winning a slot on the vans warped tour 2010, Last Call Chernobyl, hit the stage with their brand of super chuggy Lamb of God meets metal core style. I've seen these guys play about a half dozen times over the last few years and have heard their album a few times, always being impressed with what i saw and heard. Its impossible to deny they are a great band ,well deserving of any achievements they have accomplished thus far. For this show however I felt they lacked the enthusiasm that the previous bands brought to the stage and although their bass player played his heart out it seem the rest of the band was sort of just going through the motions. Personally, I find it hard to really get into a band's live set if they don't seem that into it themselves. Being a musician myself I completely understand that not every show is going to be your best but I guess the better that people keep saying you are, the better people will expect you to be and tonight Last Call Chernobyl , although they played a tight set of bone crushing metal were not a high energy and in your face as I have known them to be in the past.
Last Call Chernobyl - Gus' Pub - June 23rd 2011 - 10
Last Call Chernobyl - Gus' Pub - June 23rd 2011 - 08
Last Call Chernobyl - Gus' Pub - June 23rd 2011 - 04
Last Call Chernobyl - Gus' Pub - June 23rd 2011 - 02

Unleash The Archers - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 11
Headliner of the evening was Unleash The Archers, touring all the way across Canada from Vancover B.C and they brought the thunder with 'em. Before the show I went online and checked out a couple of songs and would have classified them under "decent" but after the performance they put on at Gus' I'd classify them as "Completely Fucking Wicked ". From semi progressive song structures to tasty guitar harmonies, to tough and aggressive rhythm section and spot on soaring lead vocals, these guys and gal really have their sound under control and the talent to back it up.

What I really liked about Unleash the Archers was that through all the craziness and technical approach to the heavy side of their monstrous sound, I picked up clear cut vibes of old classic rock roots. Although this was not as up front as the agressive thundering attack, it worked as the steady foundation on which the songs seem to be built - which in my mind does wonder to separate them from the Chug and Grind heard all too often from metal bands, and gave them a smooth edge which could make them more approachable to the not so metal music lovers out there.

Unleash The Archers - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 07Unleash The Archers - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 09Unleash The Archers - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 08

I hope Unleash The Archers will return to Halifax again and I hope anyone who couldn't make the show or skipped out early, will do themselves a favor and check them out!
Unleash The Archers - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 05
Unleash The Archers - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 06
Unleash The Archers - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 02
Unleash The Archers - Gus' Pub - June 23 2011 - 01

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