Show Overview: Three Sheet "Sheet Music" Album Release On June 3rd Halifax's Elephant & Castle

Overview & video by Isaac Thompson
Photo by Stoo Metz (The Stoodio)

For Three Sheet - a genre bending hip hop hybrid that has risen to top of the heap as one of Halifax’s best and most popular bands – The Elephant and Castle is where it all started. The quintet got their start performing weekly in the basement of the E&C. Week after week they took their knocks, perfected their craft and turned all innocent bystanders into certified sheet-heads. With a new album (Sheet Music) fresh off the presses and an ever growing amount of hype, they are a band poised to make a big splash on the national scene, but before they spread out and conquer the rest of the country, they decided to throw a hometown bash at the E&C, turning the upstairs dining hall into a huge all-star party. Something that, as far as I know, has never been done.

The bar was packed early on, both with people and anticipation. Everyone wanted to see what kind of treats Three Sheet had in store.

Halifax’s The Retrospect kept the people entertained with a set of dead-on renditions of Motown hits and soul classics. The Retrospect is a 10(!) member band including three fantastic female singers and a horn section. I was amazed by how they never sounded cluttered. The Motown sound can be a difficult style, especially vocally, but The Retrospect nailed it. They played a great set and managed to wet the audience’s appetite.

New Brunswick M.C.s Phakt & Monark followed with a set of old-school hip hop, showing off their lyrical flow and onstage chemistry. They weren’t a re-invent-the-wheel kind of act, but they paid tribute to the rich history of hip hop with enthusiasm and style.

Three Sheet CD Release Show
If the show had ended there it would have been a fine night out, but there was much more in store. After all, Three Sheet was the band everyone wanted to see, the band everyone was talking about, the band an entire city had its eye on: the great white hope.

Did they deliver?
If you need me to answer that question you’ve obviously never seen Three Sheet live.
They always deliver.
You probably already know that Three Sheet’s songs are infectious, energetic and downright awesome. You probably already know that beatboxer EMC is so skilled that you have to pay extra close attention to make sure he isn’t somehow faking it (maybe there is a tiny little man playing a tiny little drum kit inside his mouth?). You’re most likely familiar with vocalist Vanessa Furlong with her confident, super-sexy charisma and powerhouse voice that combines old-school hip-hop, soul and jazz. I assume you’re aware that Expedyte is a one of a kind M.C. with a voice as smooth as silk, lyrics that are interesting and thoughtful and (rarest of all) a presence that exudes just as much wisdom as casual cool. And I sure as hell hope you know that guitarist Ryan O’Quinn and bassist Kevin Tilley are the engine that gives Three sheet its awe-inspiring horse power as well as the key to the band’s crossover appeal. They add punk, rock and funk to the mix, stretching the sound of the music in all kinds of unexpected areas. If you didn’t already know, I’m here to tell you that Three Sheet is a band that has something for everyone. They mix a million genres but never come across as gimmicky; Quite a feat for a band with so many fantastic gimmicks in its ensemble.

Once Three Sheet hit the stage the party really got going. They refused to concede to a single dull moment. Their songs are so good and members so skilled that I’m sure Three Sheet would be huge even if their live show was as dull as a spoon, but they own the stage like total professionals, commanding and demanding the audience’s attention. Each member has become a master of their own strengths. Their performances are polished to a sheen but still edgy and full of surprises.
Three Sheet CD Release
Three Sheet CD Release
There were plenty of surprises to be had at this show. A handful of guest performers came out to join the party, this included freestyles by local rap legend Quake, and soon-to-be-local legend Kyle Mckenna, lead singer of The Caravan. This added to the laid back vibe that most Three Sheet shows possess. Their sets feel more like a wicked house party than a rock concert.

Three Sheet owe much of their success to positive word of mouth. People caught their early shows at the Elephant & Castle and couldn’t stop themselves from telling everyone they knew “You’ve got to see this band”. That’s how I was turned on to them. Enough people had told me how amazing Three Sheet is that I finally gave in and checked them out. Afterwards I too, was compelled to tell everyone I know “You’ve got to see this band”. So it’s fitting - having won the hearts and minds of fans all over the country - they came back to where it all started to celebrate how far they’ve come.

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Three Sheet CD Release
Three Sheet CD Release
Three Sheet CD Release Three Sheet CD ReleaseThree Sheet CD Release

This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. With Sheet Music in the can and one city checked off the domination checklist, Three Sheet are standing on the threshold of something big. I’m excited to see where they go from here.

And if you haven’t already… You’ve got to see this band.

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Lauren S said...

The show was amazing, this article does an amazing job of of describing just how awesome it was. I have to agree "if you haven’t already… You’ve got to see this band."

I had heard there first CD before seeing them live, and well its is a completely different experience. YOU NEED TO SEE THREE SHEET NOW, dont wait cause soon they will be internationally know and you wont be able to see them play for $10.