Show Overview: Kings Eden's Album Release at New Music Tuesday

Overview, Photos & Video by Tiffany Naugler
Kings Eden - June 7th 2011 - Seahorse - 03
Music Nova Scotia's New Music Tuesday Presents Kings Eden, Pioneer Video & The Devils Half Acre!!! Kings Eden are releasing their debut Album, Era of the youth on June 7th at the Seahorse tavern. Pioneer Video & The Devils Half Acre will be rocking the stage with us so don't miss it! It is FREE to Get in!!!

The Seahorse Tavern
Tuesday, June 7 at 9:30pm

Kings Eden -
The Devils Half Acre -

I arrived at The Seahorse just as  The Devils Half Acre were setting up.
I had heard the band's music before, when lead man, Chase Ross sent us their debut album.
Although they aren't out there breaking any molds, this band is awesome to watch as well as listen to. They love what they do and have a lot of fun doing it.
I was super pumped to finally catch them live, as I am always a bad judge of a bands music based on recordings alone, and so The Devil's Half Acre may not a band I would listen to while hanging out in my apartment - I would definitely check these guys out again in just about any venue.
The Devils Half Acre - June 7th 2011 - Seahorse - 01

The Devils Half Acre - June 7th 2011 - Seahorse - 02
The Devils Half Acre - June 7th 2011 - Seahorse - 03

But the real reason everyone was piled into the Seahorse that night, was to bear witness to the official release of the King's Eden record Era of the Youth.

A 3 piece, all girl, rock group who not only look good but sound pretty great too, King's Eden brought the heavy - to an otherwise lighter evening. Heavy riffs melded with rich vocals made for an almost eerie atmosphere at times.  Front women, Heather Doran (also of the Hali-famous, Johnny Dick Project) showed off her immaculate guitar playing as well as signature vocal style all while not even breaking a sweat.
Bassist  Seonaid Dorey added the beef with tight bass lines while adding to Doran's rock/blues vocals.
Kings Eden - June 7th 2011 - Seahorse - 04
Kings Eden - June 7th 2011 - Seahorse - 02
Maggie Goodhew, put on quite the show behind the kit. She played with feeling and conviction, which could be seen as she pounded anyway at the skins, arms flailing and nodding her head along.

These girls obviously love what they're doing - and it shows.

Personally, my favorite part of the evening was the PJ Harvey cover at the near end of the set. For some reason it caught me completely off guard and stood nearly motionless while watching them perform. It was during this song I got the full extent of the ladies musical abilities. It was amazing to watch.

I can only imagine that King's Eden will continue to work on their craft and become a real staple in the Halifax music community.

Kings Eden - June 7th 2011 - Seahorse - 01

Download a Free track from Era of the Youth, below:


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