NEWS: Whats Up for Evolve 2011?? Line up info and Evolve wins the poster battle!

Its that time again - only 71 days away from the best summer festival to hit the East Coast of Canada - EVOLVE!

119 acts on 5 stages over 72 wonderful hours

Evolve Festival 2010 - 32
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros / Pretty Lights / Dub Fx (2) / Chali 2na (2) / Mat The Alien (2) / Man Man / Skratch Bastid (2) / Fred Penner (5) / Zach Deputy (3) / Adham Shaikh (3) / Oka (3) /A.Paul / Slowcoaster (2) / Marty McFly / Idlers (2) / AB Logic(Hoodfellas) & Born I Music / SOS /Jose Zaragoza / The Sheepdogs (2) / Yancarlos Sanchez (3) / Dave Allison / Carmen Townsend (2) /Mama Miche / House Of David Gang (2) / Donnie Dumphy / Tommy Knuckles / Isaac & Blewett /Farbsie / Gratefully Deadicated Sound System (3) / Mike LeLievre / Jay Hamilton / Richard James (2) /Vilify / Weak Size Fish / Steve Nurse / Bottled Beats (2) / Metro Housing Authority / Terror Pidgeon Squad / Harmsworth / Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble / Mizz Maxine / Gordon Gets Lost / Dono & The RealMalloy / Les Paiens (2) / Dezza / Lovestorm / Bernto / Great Balancing Act (2) / DVD / A.A.Wallace / Freedom Danish and the Root Sellers / The Belle Comedians / DJ Claire / Chris Kirby and the Marquee / Lash Larue / Acres and Acres / Flair Martin / Tupperware Remix Party / Magic Friend / Mickey Sasso/ Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers / Dr.Livingstone / FM HI Low / Dj Psylozen / Molly Thomason / Logan Hudak / Racoon Bandit / Steve The Viking / Writer's Strike / Lloydy Lou / Andy Cotter Trio / BCos / Scotty and the Stars / Konflikt / The Town Heros / Byrd / Owen Steel / Jacksonstrutt / The Caravan / Dobba / Mo KinneyLee Fraser / Margo, Margo / Dale Manette / Light Brights / San Miguel / No Flyers Please / Sam Vipond / KDZ / Mulligan / The Real Jazz / Chris Morrison / Tom Flemming /Cam Harding /Adam Adler / DJ Stog / Construct / David Anthony / DJ Slam! / DJ D-Yaz / Jules / Buck Banger vs. Method / Yazmanian Devil / Art Official / DRC / Rick Rhythm / The SuperFreqs / GT FCKD / Moldylox / Rekkid Bitch Mike / Pookie / Lyra / JustinCredible / CoreeJames / ProjectCHEECH / DJ Fire / Isaac Haze / DJ Eviction / Meateus

*( ) = number of sets

Yesterday, organizer, Jonas Colter got word that all $4,500 worth of postering charges which were laid on him last year will be dropped, as of this Friday, May 13th (which just happens to be the day after his birthday) allowing for even more excitement revolving around the festival. A message was sent out to all the follows of the Evolve facebook page stating:

I received this email below from Evolve's lawyer, Gordon Allen...whom by the way, if you didn't know, came to Evolve last summer for the first time and represented Evolve *pro bono!

*Pro bono publico (usually shortened to pro bono) is a phrase derived from Latin meaning "for the public good".



I just reviewed a letter...
I was CC’d on a letter addressed to the Honorable Judge William Digby. It is from the Municipal Prosecutors office, it states:

“ In light of arguments presented by Mr. Colter’s counsel in his May 16th submissions, the Crown has concluded that there is no reasonable prospect of conviction on the charges before the court. As such, we will not be proceeding with any of the 18 charges scheduled to go ahead this Friday”.

So, we won without even having to go to court, Friday we will have it officially dismissed.

Cheers brother


CBC "Poster War" video:

I want to thank Gordon Allen for taking this case, "for the public good". You hear all the bad lawyer jokes...Gordon is a great guy that supports live music and good causes! If you ever need a 'trustworthy' lawyer in Halifax you know who to call...

We would also like to personally thank Gordan Allan for taking this case - making it safe once again for the beautiful Evolve Festival posters to grace the poles Halifax! It wouldn't be summer around here without them!

Camp Dirt (Noisography's Evolve Headquaters) will be returning to the beautiful Antigonish site, tentatively, this year and are hoping to bring you some fantastic footage! We're planning for a full "podcast" type recording of the weekends activities along with as many photos and videos we can collect.

Hopefully we'll see you all there!!


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