Album Review: Glorie - Self Titled

Review by  Josh "Pinky" Pothier 

Glorie have put together a collection of solidly written and well-executed instrumental songs, but I have to admit, I didn’t find them very interesting until the fourth song came on. They also really wear their influences on their sleeve on the first few tracks, and it’s sort of annoying. I like Tortoise too but come on -- you can’t really top that. This is what I was thinking until Full Circle came on, and sort of made me do a head tilt. It was one of those times where your attention all of a sudden zones in on the music because all the elements are there. Instrumental music is a tough sell, you have so many talented bands making so much interesting music (in a relatively short period of time) that it can be hard to sort of squeak your way into the crowd.

To be honest, I listened to this whole record a few times and it was ok, but it didn’t have that edge that really grinds music into my mind. It sounded safe and polished, like it was made by a bunch of 34 year old accountants who used to do the indie band thing but now they have two kids and a mortgage, that’s what it sounds like. That being said, I’ve listened to Full Circle a dozen times over, and it’s one of those rare moments where everyone is in top form technically and creatively, with the right sense of texture. It’s a great fucking song, and I’m the nit-pickiest asshole there is. It’s engaging and interesting to the full degree. I think I like it so much because for the rest of the album the drumming is sort of inconsistent in terms of feel, but this song has this really robotic, driving drum beat that really carries everything well, sort of like Jon Hutt from Instruments, but with a lighter touch. When things sort of pick up a lone guitar track just rings out these really cool chords, eventually going into a great finger picking pattern that rounds everything out nicely. Basically listen to that song, and if you like it, download the record (It’s free anyway) and check it out.

I think that instrumental bands are like wine, they get better over a long time if nothing disturbs the bottle. Once a band has been making music together for an extended period of time, you get a real taste of what they are capable of. Glorie have made a great sounding record that for me has one real bright shining moment, amidst some interesting ideas that sound great, but could have been worked out a little more. They are on the right track, they just have to focus on the right things.


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