Album Review: Brazilian Money’s - "This Is Not A Dream"

Josh "pinky" Pothier

Brazilian Money’s This Is Not A Dream pisses me off because I think I like it but I wish I didn’t. There’s this growing trend in rock music where making weird music has somehow become synonymous with making cool music, and I don’t think that’s right. Bands have taken to trying to do as much as possible on songs, over-layering with random sounds and effects in order to disguise the fact they don’t know how to put a song together. On first listen This Is Not A Dream seemed like one of those albums, and I was all ready to make Garrett Johnson my catalyst to talk about everything I hate about music ever.

The problem is, there are moments throughout this album that sort of touch on real brilliance. There were too many times when I was thinking about something negative to write when I hard something and thought, “damn, that was sort of ok.” Then again I’d hear something and think, “ah fuck, that’s a pretty catchy line”. As much I wanted to burn Garrett at the stake for playing into every modern indie rock cliché that I hate, I just couldn’t. He seemed to make them work most of the time. Even throughout some of the messy stuff that I found really grating there was enough cool shit to sort of hold my attention.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few turds on here. Why Did I Come Here At All? Is an apt title for Track 6, because that’s how I felt listening to it, and Put Out That Cigarette has maybe thirty seconds of something good for it’s whole three minutes. But you have songs like Give Up That Dog and Nobody’s Coming, that are different on every level but incredible all the same.

I’m sure I wouldn’t get along with Garrett Johnson if we ever met each other, or who knows, maybe we’d be those kind of friends that beat each other up and fuck each other’s girlfriends but can still get piss loaded together and wind up laying in a field singing Mr Jones, when the time was right. I sure wish he had made a shittier album, because I was all fired up. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the new Animal Collective to get all of that out.


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