NEWS: Racoon Bandit releases Into The Hills on Tuesday, May 03

Raccoon Bandit - April 1st 2011 TheSeahorse 08Racoon Bandit includes Fraser McCallum, Adam Gallant, Roger Carter, Adam Gallant and Scott Gallant. The 12-song production, Into The Hills showcases the band’s diverse range of songs and has three writers sharing lead vocal duties (McCallum, Carter and Gallant). The songs vary from folk to folk-rock to the more sublime.
Raccoon Bandit - April 1st 2011 TheSeahorse 03 “This collection of songs shares some common ground with our first album Campcraft, with plenty of story-songs and folk tales like the“River Song” and “Wooly Toque,”” says MacCallum. “However, it also presents a more-developed full band sound on alt-pop tracks like“Silver Bullet” and “Catch/Release.” We really learned how to self-produce and build an engaging recording from scratch.”

Into The Hills was recorded between May-December 2010 in an old farmhouse in Hazel Grove and at Adam Gallant’s studio (Haunted Hearts, English Words) in Charlottetown. Guest musicians include Andrew Murray, Dean Dunsford, Kinley Dowling, Mark Palmer and Molly Rankin. This album was made with the assistance and support of the PEI Council of the Arts.

Into The Hills is released on Tuesday, May 03 on Collagen Rock Records


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