Album Review: A Place Of Owls - "Inviere" EP

Review by  Josh "Pinky" Pothier 

Inviere kicks off with a hard snare hit and right into some nice and heavy guitars. It’s clear from the get go that these guys aren’t fucking around. It’s not clear however, what kind of heavy album this is. It could go the darker, murkier route of bands like Pelican and Russian Circles (whom I love) or turn out sounding like an instrumental Trapt record, which I’m sure would be god awful.
Thankfully by the time the piano comes in it’s pretty clear that A Place Of Owls have the right things in the right places and the songs develop into very well written, well executed pieces of music. I especially like As We Commit Our Dead. It is a little more heavy on melody instead of riffs, and it cements itself strongly with well timed hits placed throughout the first part, and it builds with these sort of marching tom tom patterns layered over each other and you just feel a sort of drumgasm building. It sort of peters out though, going into some more metal riffs, giving me my only disappointment on this record. That part could have gone on for ten more minutes and been the most moving part of the EP. Oh well.

This EP is rather short, roughly 15 minutes long, which is great because you can listen to it in full on your way to lunch, or while on the bus home. It could nice brief repose from your everyday life, or an appropriate accompaniment to it as long as you’re doing cool metal-guy stuff like smashing rocks with hammers or shot-gunning cans of Old Milwalkee.


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