Show Overview: Bike Rodeo! Great Bloomers w guests Red Rum - March 04th 2011

Overview by Dan Nightingale

Friday, March 4 at 10:00pm - March 5 at 2:00am
Seahorse Tavern

Bike Rodeo
Halifax based Garage punk rock will be releasing a new record if the record is in their hands before the show. Gonna be a close call.

Great Bloomers (Toronto)
"Great Bloomers astound with subtlety - delicious hooks, stunning harmonies, expert musicianship, songwriting well beyond their years and a wry sense of humour that says we're good and we know it, but we appreciate you coming, so thanks.” I Heart Music

Red Rum (Moncton NB)
Concrete / Indie / Rock featuring members of Cop Shades

Redrum are a band from Moncton that I had been hearing a good buzz about them all week. I wasn't disappointed. Living up to their name the stage was bathed in red lights, but if red rum invokes images of murder in an isolated chalet, then their music lived up to expectation too, with thick slabs of stoner rock grooves shaking the walls of the Seahorse. Dirty deep bass and heavily distorted guitars rumbled under clean, reverb soaked vocals and screams. Like any good genre band they had a gimmick, a red lit floor Tom strapped to a tomborine shaking, screaming mad man. Incidentally, the tambourine never left his hand, eventually reappeaering at the end of the Bike Rodeo set. I dont know how often these guys come to Halifax but check them out anywhere you can.

Red Rum - March 4th 2011 - Seahorse - 03

Red Rum - March 4th 2011 - Seahorse - 04

Red Rum - March 4th 2011 - Seahorse - 06

Red Rum - March 4th 2011 - Seahorse - 02


I'd seen Toronto's Great Bloomers back in the fall for the Halifax Pop Explosion. They're back on tour and they had a great crowd again for a smaller show. Personally I was bored by their by the Canadian book pop rock back then - and tonight was no different.

The band was talented, energetic, and well polished. Unfortunately I can't remember a single song or riff that they played. It was a nice cool down between two loud and crazy bands, and I have no doubt they'll do well on the Canadian and International scenes, but without branching out, away from straight by the numbers pop, they may not be remembered in the future.

Great Bloomers - March 4th 2011 - Seahorse - 03

Great Bloomers - March 4th 2011 - Seahorse - 04

Great Bloomers - March 4th 2011 - Seahorse - 01


Bike Rodeo promised a new album, but perfectionists that they are, the album itself is still being polished. Instead the band delivered the live version of the new record, with one or two old favorites thrown in for good measure. Rather than read my rambling thoughts on a tight as hell, quirky rock and roll set, check out the videos - the entire set in HD and high quality audio - it's almost as good as being there.

Bike Rodeo - March 04th 2011 - the Seahorse - 17

Bike Rodeo - March 04th 2011 - the Seahorse - 15

Bike Rodeo - March 04th 2011 - the Seahorse - 16

Bike Rodeo - March 04th 2011 - the Seahorse - 11

Bike Rodeo - March 4th 2011 - Seahorse - 09

Entire Bike Rodeo Set in 2 Parts:


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