Vote for Tiffany for The Coast's 2011 Best of - Music Photography Category!

And we're back!
Noisography had a great 2010 and now we're working on an even better 2011!
To start things off, we bring you a link to the 2011 Best of Music poll from The Coast. There is a Best Music Photography section, so if you love all the photos that have been featured on this blog so far, set your vote for Tiffany Naugler! She is out there on the regular, shooting your favorite bands in your favorite venues!

You have to sign up, but that only takes a minute, then fill out at least 10 of the 36 fields for your favs. to be counted.

So, CLICK HERE and get to voting!!!

We have lots more coming up this week! Some album reviews along with show reviews, videos and photos from The City Streets & The Scoop Outs @ Gus' Pub on Thursday, Bike Rodeo & Myles Deck @ Gus' Pub on Friday and Kestrels and The Sleepless Nights @ The Seahorse on Saturday!

Its going to be a great year folks!
Can't wait to see and hear it all!


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