Album Review: My Dad vs Yours - Little Symphonies

Review by Josh "Pinky" Pothier

Now I have to tell you, I’m a little biased going into this review. I’ve been a fan of my dad vs yours ever since they came through the Maritimes roughly four years ago when they released After Winter Must Come Spring and played at Gus’ Pub. They have been long at work on their follow-up album, Little Symphonies, and when the 180-gram vinyl showed up in my mail yesterday I knew I was going to like it, I just knew it.

Now I know that once all you stuffy music elitists get wind of some band that is just a whole step above the rest you take them and hide them under your pillow or in your sock drawer like your favorite toys and only take them out when no one else is around to take part, but you need to stop. This kind of behavior is the only reason I can think of for how criminally overlooked my dad vs yours are. I put Little Symphonies on and when it finished I actually felt smarter, no joke. I went into it thinking Napoleon was a kind of ice cream and I came out with some interesting ideas on the potential of solar flares. I’m telling you, this shit is legit.

 Seriously though, whether it’s guitar tones, cool percussion arrangements or perfectly dynamic playing, Little Symphonies stands up to repeated listens better than mostly anything. The first track, En Plein Soleil is a peppy little number to start the record off; you can dance to it or even just stand aloft, cross your arms and bob your head like you’re too cool to dance, but you recognize that the potential is there. For the rest of the record you’ll get glimpses of Tortoise-style patterns but with a much more kraut-rock and post rock feel. Great art inspires even greater art, and this album is just bursting with inspiration.

Everything on this album is so methodical it’s no wonder it took 3 years to complete; nothing has been overlooked. It’s recorded well, it’s played well and the artwork is fabulous. Lets hope this isn’t one of those records that wind up in piles of a hundred in the bass players attic, this record needs to be heard. Great music needs to be shared with anyone who will appreciate it, so this is me sharing it with you, puny music fan. Now get off your ass and spread the word.


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