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TBA Sandwich 16TBA Sandwich 
Annual Acoustic Cover Show + Live Show Photography Exhibit

Time for year 3 of the annual TBA Collective hosted Acoustic Cover Show, this year dueled with the bi-annual Exhibition of Live Show Photography!
The event this year is to be held at Botsford Station and the proceeds from the event will go towards helping sustain the building which is a 97 year old being restored by volunteers to develop as a type of center for social innovation and shared creative spaces.

9:30 Pascal Leo Cormier
9:55 Gumby (MCA)
10:45 Julien Simon
11:10 Remi Cormier
11:30 Phil Flowers
11:50 Marc Landry (MCA, Rhythm Section)
12:20 Eric Babineau (MCA, QUOH)
12:40 Mario Gautreau (MCA, Something Delicious, QUOH)
1:00 Olivier Jarda
1:20 Marco Rocca
1:40 Josue Gogen (The fucking Gummybears)

•Dj Bones
•Jocelyne Vautour
•Victoria Handysides
•Joel Cullighan
•Mike Erb
•Tiffany Naugler
•John David Murray

TBA Sandwich 19
 The 3rd annual TBA Sandwich = Acoustic Cover Show + Live Show Photography Exhibit was a smorgasbord of local Moncton and Maritime talents. live music photography from established and up and coming local photographers covering the walls of Botsford Station - an old warehouse in the process of being converted to an artistic haven. Proceeds from the show went towards finishing work on the space - soon local artists and entruenpenures will have a much needed space to work, and the space downstairs served perfectly for good sized shows of all kinds. There was a healthy crowd on hand for the acoustic cover sets from local Moncton musicians from a wide variety of bands including MCA, the Peter Parkers, Something Delicious, and many others. With the small stage situated in the middle of the room, the crowd was free to peruse the variety of photographs on the mall that cronicalled the local and national music scenes.


TBA Sandwich 10Even with a few last minute changes to the lineup, everything went smoothy and night capped off with strange, hilarious covers of top pop songs and 80's PSA jingles sung by a man in his underwear with a mandolin - what better show closer could you ask for? With a good crowd funding the work on Botsford station and a great opportunity for local photographers to exhibit and sell their work - most live music photographers don't exactly make the big bucks - there's no doubt that we'll see this event return next year, and hopefully spread to some of the many other cities with vibrant music scenes.

-  Dan Nightingale

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