Show Photos/ Review: Armada Drive, BGH, JD & The O' By Gollies

"Prepare yourselves for a night of rock n' roll at Gus' Pub on Saturday, December 11th featuring Big Game Hunt, Armada Drive, The Johnny Dick Project & The O' By Gollies!

10pm start
$5 cover" 

Big Game Hunt - 
Armada Drive -
The Johnny Dick Project -
The O' By Gollies


This show was a hell of a time...
I am a bit bias, since my band played - but hell, I was there and I took photos, so here they are.
I don't have a lot to say about the bands in particular, Noisography has covered all the bands that played that night on multiple occasions and well they were all GREAT!
Everyone had copious amounts of energy, Armada Drive even brought their own stage lights to enhance the nights performance! (something I would get behind ANY band playing at Gus' to do) There were candy canes everywhere, and good vibes were felt by everyone.

Rob Gillan of Armada Drive was so very kind to write us (The O' By Gollies) a lovely review of our first ever bar show with our little Christmas project...

The O' By Gollies - 07
The O’ By Gollies kicked off the night at roughly quarter to eleven. The crowd at Gus’ had been priming with drinks for at least an hour and when the band took the stage they were greeted with a warm welcome. Noisography veterans Tiffany Naugler and Isaac Thompson front this seven-piece holiday band which also consists of drummer Dan Nightingale (also of Noisography fame), guitarists Jay Methot and Donnie Gear, bassist Tim Topping, and drummer Gary Peacock. As unusual as it is to see a holiday rock/punk septet, the group pulled off a quick and enjoyable set of classic Christmas hymns to the tune of distorted guitars and dual vocals.

The O' By Gollies - 02
With a baritone singing voice and a stage presence that recalls the younger days of Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder, Isaac Thompson handled main vocals on the group’s opening number. Given the diminutive stage size, movement was kept to a minimum and the songs were energized by the instrumental and vocal performances.

When Tiffany Naugler finally opened her mouth to take lead on the next few songs I was blown away. It’s that old cliché: a huge voice in a small package. It was obvious to me that Tiffany had been singing for a while as her voice soared over all the instruments and the heads of everyone in the bar.

The O' By Gollies - 03It was interesting to see Dan and Gary switch between manning the full drum kit and playing a lone standing floor tom. With the venue lacking a full mic setup, the single tom was unfortunately lost for just about every song with the exception of a very cool version of Little Drummer Boy which concluded with both drummers playing a harmonized pattern that ended on perfect time.

Given the fact that the O’ By Gollies are a seasonal band by nature (and typically ‘toned-down’ for parade crowds) it was impressive to see them pull together such a fun rock set in a short amount of time. It may not be until the late snow falls of 2011 that they have occasion to play again, but be sure to check them out if you get the chance!

- Rob Gillan

The O' By Gollies - 04

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We will have one more big photo post before Christmas, so hold on tight!!


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