Rich Aucoin & The Redmond Barry’s!

Rich Aucoin Announces The “Rich Aucoin Holiday Spectacular”

Rich Aucoin w/ CARIBOU June 11th 2010 _24Rich Aucoin wraps up an incredible 2011 with a very special show at The Paragon. Come and see why Rich’s live show is not to be missed.

Dec 22 at the Paragon with Modern Men & Tony Haze

Tickets: Advance $10 (+Service Charges) / $12 at the door. Online at or in person at all Ticketpro locations.

“If you haven’t yet seen Rich Aucoin in concert, you’re simply not having as much fun as you should be. With his usage of viral videos interspersed with sing-along lyrical cues, Aucoin’s live show is a euphoric participatory capital-E Event. By the time the LCD screen is off and the confetti is washed away in a river of spilled beer, the crowd is left with a racing heartbeat and a feeling of serene satisfaction.” - eye magazine

Push MP3 + Media Materials:
Watch Push:

“With as much energy as a late night sugar high, Aucoin and all of the people he gathered for this EP are the high school band troop you've always wanted to hear.” - exclaim!

“It’s a gloriously transcendent piece of pop music, an inspiring and tantalizing tease for the future gems that Aucoin likely has in store for us.” - The Coast

These four electro-pop party tunes, buttressed by choirs, strings, guitars and drummers, are anthemic singalongs, revisioned ’80s synth-funk hits and mad-scientist glam-pop experiments all at once.“ - Montreal Mirror

“Rich Aucoin is so much more than just a musician. He attempts projects nobody else would even think to try, and he not only sees his ideas through, he exceeds expectations. ...—and right now this guy is unstoppable.” - Cokemachineglow

“Public Publication is a joyous collection of tracks that burst with happiness.” - Chartattack

“ Aucoin is able to make it sound as if he's invited a bunch of friends over and started the most enjoyable dance party in the world.” - iheartmusic

“Rich Aucoin is a man that gives the people what they want. Whether it be someone to run a half marathon as a pre-gig warm-up, a Jay Z mash up, a record synced to the Grinch… or a night in 3D, Rich has you covered.” - Herohill

“Rich Aucoin is more than a musician. He is a party planner, a crowd participation creator, a talented musician, and a creative force.” - The Broken Speaker

“ Opener Brian Wilson Is A.L.I.V.E. sounds like the Beach Boys time-warped to the disco era, met Daft Punk and befriended a chorus of indie kids.” - NOW Magazine

“Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the song of fall 2010: Rich Aucoin's "Push." - Chartattack

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Montreal Rockers, “The Redmond Barry’s” Prep Album Release/Tour & Give Away Free Single

The Redmond Barry’s...

* Are a two piece rock band (consisting of C. on drums & vocals and V. on guitar & vocals).
* Are from Montreal, Quebec Canada.
* Have been playing as The Redmond Barry’s since Fall 2009.
* Play an energetic live set to great response.
* Play a unique brand of rock & roll that will get even the most immobile moving.

As intriguing as the band’s name, the first release from Montreal duo The Redmond Barry’s is entitled “1949 MURDERS” and comes in the form of a six track EP. A taste of what’s to come, the debut showcases the band’s unique and raw brand of rock & roll.

Plunged into progressive and instant classic opening track “The Demise Of”, no time is wasted in demonstrating what TRB are made of. Harsh tones make way for the slightly more pop-y “Two Can Play”, complemented with a bridge reminiscent of Link Wray and Dick Dale. “Woke Up Dead” then aggressively takes the reigns and fills you with its foot-stomping rhythm and catchy chorus that will get you singing along. At the midpoint, “Out of the Past” hooks you with its addictive fills and harmonic bridge, then makes way for the heartbreaking “Months & Years” which showcases the band’s lyrical muscle and softer side. Finally, the EP is put to rest as the band leaves you wanting more with “Liars”, a song so packed with energy it’s sure to get everyone on the dance floor moving.

The Redmond Barry’s combine each track as unique as the other with crispy guitars, intoxicating drums and raw yet melodious vocals laced with harmonious harmonies. “1949 MURDERS” includes many surprises and is so versatile it’s bound to have something for everyone.

The EP, that was recorded by Carlos Avila and Shawn Mullen at the crack of dawn in unconventional spaces, is set to be self-released early in the new year, followed by a Canadian east coast tour.

Download the first single, “Woke Up Dead” now:

For press inquiries contact Randal Barbaro:
For booking contact Varun Chopra: or call 514-243-2844


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