Noisography's Top 10 Records of 2010!

That's right! We've got a top 10 list of 2010!

We figured, hey... everyone else is doing it.. lets jump on that bandwagon.
So we bring you a complied list, in no particular order, of our favorite albums of 2010!

Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest (Pinky)

When I first heard this album I was playing cribbage with my roommate and neighbor. We kept losing focus on the game and drifting off into the lush, textured world of Deerhunter. I couldn't tell my fifteen-eights from my fifteen-fours, and the right jack was all kinds of wrong. I got my ass kicked, but at least the soundtrack was awesome.

 Caribou – Swim (Dan)

This album is full of hypnotic, swirling blitzes of sound and intense staggering vocal patterns ala Dan Deacon. The live show was immense but the record is deep and psychedelic, with real song writing and catchy grooves too.

Orchid's Curse - Voices: the Tales of Broken Men (Isaac)

A near perfect dosage of heavy metal that boasts just as much brain as brawn. Voices is a sprawling journey of prog rock proportions without being self indulgent. Its a brutal heavy metal record without being monotonous. Its themes are universal without being cliche. Its production is gritty and raw without sounding unpolished. It's one of the best local albums to come out in quite some time and it's helping Orchid's Curse make a name for themselves all over Canada. Few records are as well rounded, accessible and uncompromising.

Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Love Rock Record (Jonah)

This album is a great mix of indie, pop and rock with texture and tidbits of orchestral goodness

Spoon - Transference (Pinky)

Spoon had done just about everything they could with rock music besides making a minimalist, bare bones indie rock rock record, so that's what they did. Who Makes Your Money? has more grooves than a weathered piece of wood and Trouble Comes Running sounds like it was recorded in a tiny garage encased inside a dirtier, slightly larger garage. I'll spend my entire life trying to make an album this good.

Three Sheet - Sheet Music Vol 1. (Isaac)

With only three songs, this E.P. is designed to get us salivating for the new full length record from Halifax's best Hip Hop group. It does it's job, the band has never sounded better on tape (EMC's beatboxing has been recorded and mixed perfectly; a difficult feat I'm sure). The songs are leaps and bounds ahead of their earlier material. As amazing as this E.P. sampler is, it promises of even more astonishing sounds to come in 2011!

 Glory Glory Man United - Zombies (Tiffany)

Want a pop-rock dance party in your house? Pick up this record!!
Available on baby blue vinyl in a sleeve which was silk screened by hand, its a must have, for sure!


The Wild Hunt - The Tallest Man on Earth. (Alex)

Released April 13, 2010. The best folk inspired acoustic artist to come in the last while, in my opinion.

Maserati - Pyramid of the Sun (Pinky)

The last recorded material of drumming wunderkind Gerhardt Fuchs, this is a testament to the driving pulse he had as a drummer and the raw connection Maserati has as a band. it takes years to develop this kind of connectivity, and there couldn't be a better example of Fuch's role in the band. it's nearly impossible to make danceable instrumental music not sound like some drugged out hippy jam fest, but somehow Maserati keep the music interesting without getting too technical or hippy dippy. Truly a difficult task.

Quaker Parents – Huge Mask (Dan)

You can read my review of this album here. It's an amazing effort from a recent local Halifax band. Catchy, wrenching vocal work, strained strings, and crushing, grungy drumming. It's stripped down but rich and might stick in your head.


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