Show Review - Clothes Make the Man

 w/ The Numbered Head
& Curious Sofa

Wednesday, November 3 at 10:00pm
Review by Tiffany Naugler

I ended up missing Curious Sofa, which I was kind of upset about...
The only thing that saved my mood, really, was that we had just seen them a few days earlier and I know we'll see them again really soon.

Second band of the night was The Numbered Head.
Now, if you recall, we did a review for their summer EP and well... Dan didn't like it. He had his reasons and I support that. I didn't think he was completely in the wrong, as my major issue with the EP were that, as Dan had said, the vocals were way too high in the mix - which i found annoying - and that the lyrics were really repetitive.
That being said, I was not convinced that I disliked this band. I was actually pretty excited to see them, so they could prove to me that, that EP was not a great representation of their band.

They totally did...
Gus' is known for having a pretty shitty PA where vocals (if their not strong) can be lost under all the instruments - The Numbered Head did not have this problem. Michelle's vocals are strong, loud and clear - Gus' PA brought them to a harmonious mix with the rest of the band and the repetitive lyrics which seemed to plagued the EP were awesome in the indie dance party setting. Even I was dancing back and forth singing along - The Numbered Head pretty much gave you no choice. Whether you were long time fans of the band or you were hearing them for the first time - everyone in that bar was singing along and having a great time.

The Numberd Head 05

The Numberd Head 03

The Numberd Head 04

The Numberd Head 01


Last up were Clothes Make the Man.
*clears throat* Thats one awful band name. Sorry - it had to be said.
I dislike 'judging a book by it cover' but for some reason tonight, when I heard the name of this band I was just about ready to leave early and not bother with them. Boy was I glad I stuck around! These guys were GREAT!
They rocked out with their... well, you know whats, out!
It was fun, it was rockin', it was dancey and well, it was just plain awesome.
Check out the videos and photos below if you don't believe me but, even those won't do them justice. These guys are on my list of Must See Bands for those who have the chance! *still hate the band name  though*

Clothes make The Man 03

Clothes make The Man 07

Clothes make The Man 06

Clothes make The Man 01

Clothes make The Man 04



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