HPX 2010 - Night #2 Recap // Part 2

Gwyneth Dunsford @ The Paragon & The Carlton
- Isis
- Jason Collette

“I won’t fucking play ‘Jerk It’. You can download it on iTunes.”
With this aggressive introduction, rapper Isis started her show at the Paragon last night.

Afterall, Isis is trying to escape the shadow of her old electro-dance band, Thunderheist, and their hit song from last year.

Her new approach to grinding dance tunes is more soulful. Certainly, she was trying to play the part of a parading around the stage in 3” booties and an immaculate little black dress.

Her vocals were supplemented by a drummer working a tight snare and a DJ providing unrelenting beats. “Avenue” is her first single post-Thunderheist and incorporates big disco synths with driving beats.

As the crowd got sloppier and sloppier, Isis decided to indulge them with some Thunderheist songs. “Horny” and “Little Bootie Girl” whipped the fans into a frenzy and proved that Isis can still lay down the raunchy rhymes for which she is famous.

Those that expected a Thunderheist show, left disappointed. For the rest, Isis’ new, sophisticated flair was enough to keep them dancing into the night.

. . .

Jason Collett, of Broken Social Scene fame, just released his new album, Pony Tricks, last week.

Collett developed his eye for aesthetics when he worked for a carpenter, so I asked him what piece of architecture Pony Tricks represents.

He replied, “It would be a boutique hotel with lots of comings and goings”.

In support of Pony Tricks, Collett is undertaking his first cross-country tour.
It is almost easier to tour solo, he says, because he doesn’t have to worry about pissing off his drummer.
“I have notoriously bad meter,” he explains.

His audience at the Carleton last night surely wouldn’t agree. They sat in reverent quiet as Collett used his folky timbre to add warmth to his Pony Trick’s songs.

Collett repeats his performance at the Carleton tonight at 10 p.m.

Tiffany @ Gus' Pub

09:45 PM -Burnt Church
10:30 PM -Fistfight
12:00 AM -Contagium
01:00 AM -Black Moor

Somehow I managed to get my wires crossed and ended up at Gus' and hour before the show started...
I could have walked back home and came back, but I opted to stay. I grabbed a redbull and just sat at the bar and observed...

Even as the show got started, I noticed that I was in a bar full of dudes, which was awesome. besides one volunteer and one girlfriend/groupie I was definitely the only chick in the bar.

Burnt Church came out fast and hard! *Thats what she said*
It never fails with bands like this, I can really never tell any of the songs apart, then again I am not your seasoned listener to this type of metal. That being said, its not like I didn't enjoy the set, it was kind as if you were to see 3 jackhammers in some sort of ballet... that make any sense?

HPX - Burnt Church 02

Next up were Fistfight and well... I like this band.
We have covered them a crap load of times here on Noisography and they are always awesome. I'm not sure if there is anything I can really say that hasn't been said about these guys, other than the wonder that is singer, Francis', voice.
I think Francis has the most unique voice and it is such a perfect mesh with Fistfight. Just about every metal band has a screaming growling vocalist, but Francis takes the cake for me. Every time he lets out a howl, you can see just about every muscle in his body convulse, a musical purge if you will. You know he pours his soul into his performances and probably takes each opportunity to perform as a time to let loose of any personal troubles and stresses.

HPX - Fishfight 07

HPX - Fishfight 05

HPX - Fishfight 06

The North End Metal All Stars were up next.... and well, its band exactly how you picture it. A metal band made up of members of other metal bands, which are located in the North End.
They were pretty awesome.
Nothing I would write home about honestly, but pretty entertaining.
Vocalist/frontman Brett is just such a showman... waving hands,  swiveling hips and seriously, the man's head banging look like something off the Exorcist! I actually have a photo somewhere from years ago when he fronted Janus, where his head was moving so quickly, it didn't even show up in the photo!

HPX - North End Metal All-Stars 03

HPX - North End Metal All-Stars 06

HPX - North End Metal All-Stars 04

Contagium served up another hard hitting, fast set, so hard - they actually broke pretty much all their gear in the process. First it was bass strings, then guitar strings....
It was kind of funny by the end, they plowed through regardless and delivered a pretty solid set despite their misfortune. If this had happened during your average band during a performance, it might have hurt them, but if anything this mishaps just made Contagium's set even more enjoyable.

HPX - Contagium 01

HPX - Contagium 04

HPX - Contagium 07

HPX - Contagium 03

HPX - Contagium 02

Last up was Black Moor, who were added to the show last minute. Not sure what happened to Iron Giant, who were supposed to headline this show, but then again i didn't even know I was going to this show until today.
Which ever, Black Moor killed it! These guys played a hearty set of full fledged metal and nothing else. There isn't really much more to say about Black Moor, they let their music speak for itself! So, do yourself  a favor, if you are a metal fan or have an inner metal head inside you - check these guys out if they come to a city near you. You will NOT be disappointed!

HPX - Black Moor 04

HPX - Black Moor 13

HPX - Black Moor 01

HPX - Black Moor 06

HPX - Black Moor 10

HPX - Black Moor 17


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