THRASHFEST 2010 - Night #1 // Re-cap


Review by Tyler McCaig

Set to get thrashed at ThrashFest 2010:

Night One-

I arrived at Gus’Pub on Agricola just in time to see the last couple songs from Halifax’s up and coming metal act, Severance. The band already had people throwing down in the crowd, head banging and moshing. Guitarists Kevin Hall and Nick Young slaying the stage with shredding guitars! Vocalist Mitch Mahar-Simms was head banging while letting loose his inner demon in the form of coarse vocals. The band has a phenomenal stage presence!

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 36

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 35

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 34

Next to hit the stage was Panic & War! The dudes took the stage in their "metal as fuck" attire, brandishing no shirts, jeans and Simpsons under wear. Tim Barager’s reggae bass lines filled the air with the heat from the pub. The sounds of drummer James Gittins’ fast paced fills, intense blast beats brought on a surge of metal head to the stage! They would randomly break out into Reggae-Jazz lines and Tim jumped around making use of the small area of the stage during the entire set. His in-your-face jagged vocals had me thinking how stupid I was for forgetting my earplugs. Guitarist Dan Blinn looked possessed with his hair flying everywhere.

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 29

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 28

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 25

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 24


Napalm Raid was on next with their studded leather jackets and stickered up bass, throwing out heavy bass lines and slick guitar licks. They had some of the fastest drumming I've ever seen live, with brutal vocals coming from the drummer. The crowd was downing their beers and moshing like crazy! After Severance’s guitarist Kevin Hall commented on how he couldn’t believe “How awesome they (Napalm Raid) were”, Louis Paul-Chiasson of Metal Mouth Media commented; "I can't believe it's not butter...Spread"! Told you I was going to write it up Louis!

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 15

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 18

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 22

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 16


In all honesty Napalm Raid and the next band, Contagium weren’t my style but they certainly appealed to a lot of people in the audience. That being said Contagium whipped the crowd into a frenzy with thick grungy guitar riffs and groovy drums.

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 07

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 12

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 10

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 08


Terratomb finished off the night with the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. Beers and horns were raised to incredible solos from guitarists Paul Baranger and Clayton Hart. The vocalist’s mother was in the audience and rocking out to every song. I couldn’t resist rocking out to them so I rushed the stage right in front of bassist Ross Vickers and got tossed around like a ragdoll.

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 06

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 05

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 04

Thrashfest 2010 - DAY 01 - 02


As Ignightor’s vocalist jumped up on the stage during one of their last songs to rock out a fan beside me yelled out; "this is what ThrashFest is all about!" That to me says night #1 was a solid, tasty night!

Stay tuned for night two and the metal brunch!


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