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By Isaac Thompson

It was free o’clock all night long at Gus’ Pub on Wednesday night. The Bad Bad Bad decided to throw a free back to school party featuring a handful of hard rocking local bands.

Little King Hunter were the first band we caught. Unfortunately we missed the Green Reflectors, who played an incredibly early set.

Little King Hunter played a diverse range of rock an roll that touched on everything from 70’s rock bands like Mountain, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and the Who to 90’s stuff like Smashing Pumpkins and Stone Temple Pilots to more contemporary groups like Queens of the Stone Age.

Little King Hunter - Sept 15th '10 F

The band’s songs were heavy and sludgy while focusing on melody. The two lead singers had very different styles which opened the sound up quite a bit. I appreciated how the band wasn't afraid to stretch their songs out and see where they would go. These days most bands want to make their songs as quick and to the point as possible, which is fine, but it was nice to see a band take their time with their songs and allow them to build.

Little King Hunter - Sept 15th '10 C

Little King Hunter - Sept 15th '10 H

Little King Hunter play a form of rock and roll that is firmly rooted in the footsteps of the classics with long lead breaks and songs driven by sweet, dirty guitar riffs. They put on an enjoyable set in which they lock into grooves you can get lost in. They are recommended to anyone who has a fondness for straight-up hard rock.

Little King Hunter - Sept 15th '10 G


Johnny Dick Project played a short set next. JDP have been featured on Noisography quite a few times already. This is the third time I’ve seen them as a Noisographer and it was their best set yet. They are really harnessing their sound and letting their wide range of influences work for them. JDP played a tight set of their strongest material and their bass player, with his hectic dance moves, is entertaining as hell.

Johnny Dick - Sept 15th '10 B

Johnny Dick - Sept 15th '10 E

Johnny Dick - Sept 15th '10 H


The Bad Bad Bad closed the night with a garage-rock bang. The BBB’s sets are a blur of hair, drum-sticks and guitar riffs. They play loud and raunchy and they pulverize the stage - and a pro-bono set like the one they played on Wednesday is no exception.
The guys rocked the house. From the moment they take the stage they hurl their heavy blues rock at the audience with all of their might until you are forced into submission.

The Bad Bad Bad - Sept 15th '10 D

The Bad Bad Bad - Sept 15th '10 C

The Bad Bad Bad - Sept 15th '10 B


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