Glasgow PodcART Approved - Aug 2010 (E#001)

Now, to bring you something completely new...

Noisography has joined forces with the lovely folks over at Glasgow Podcart to bring you even more great music!

Every month, the Podcarters will be bringing you a list of both established and up & coming bands from Scotland and the rest of the UK, to tickle your ear drums.

Here is the first installment of their recommendations, from across the Atlantic:


Well hello Canada, Halifax and indeed Noisopgraphy! I think I should explain what this is all about first of all!

Glasgow Podcart started over a year ago in Scotland with the aim to supporting and showcasing as many grass roots and unsigned artists as possible. We wanted to create a platform and indeed a community for these artists. However, our twist was to combine other disciplines such as art, photography and so on.

We are 74 podcasts, countless live events and goodness knows what else down the line and things are just getting bigger and better each week!

We became aware of how amazing the music community was in Canada through some great friends we have and thought it was about time that we start shaking hands across the pond. So we suggested to Noisography and vise versa that we start doing a monthly recommendation of artists on one another’s sites for our own readers and listeners.

Well here are our first 5 artist recommendations and we hope you love them as much as we do!

Panda Su

- photo from MySpace -

Su first came to our attention through the medium of Myspace and her popular track ‘Eric Is Dead’ is out most played song by any artist in our time podcasting. She and her band have the ability to mend and break your heart at the same time. They move between acoustic and full band in a way that is seamless and have gone onto have success with ‘Eric Is Dead’ even being used on the Finale series of UK TV series ‘Skins’. Her debut EP has also had the assistance of Steve Mason (Beta Band, King Biscuit Time) and her token panda make up that she wears sometimes when performing is very much talked about!

United Fruit

- photo from MySpace -

I first reviewed United Fruit’s EP ‘Reptile! Mistress, Reptile’ back in 2009 and it was one of my favourite releases of last year. They are volatile, ferocious and just ridiculously catchy. This 4-piece once experienced live will become a ridiculous. Songs such as ‘Push It’ from their aforementioned EP will have you skipping back before you have even reached the next track and you will develop hunger pangs for them.


- photo from MySpace -

Yahweh was the first artist that I wrote about before starting Glasgow Podcart and he has consistently pushed the threshold of what I deem brilliant. He was once compared by someone as a cross between Arab Strap and Boards of Canada. Whilst I often try to stay away from comparisons this is actual fact a perfect description.’Wee Ending’ in my opinion is one of my anthems of 2009 and his combination of Scottish lilting vocals, strong beats and poignant yet simple vocals hit you right in the centre of your soul.

French Wives

- photo from MySpace -

They have been named as one of the most exciting exports from Scotland and they epitomise Scottish music in ways that I find hard in words sometimes. A genuinely fun-loving band with a vocalist that is simply effortless. Bold brass, blues influenced guitars, delicate glockenspiels and countless other ingredients make them a band that have always been a favourite for us.

Mitchell Museum

- photo taken from MySpace -

I remember hearing their tracks on Myspace for the first time and getting overly excited about how different they were compared to a lot of the musicians we were experiencing on a grass roots level. They are quirky, humorous, energetic and they stretch my imagination continuously. If you want music that you not only want to jump around wildly to, but also something that serves as a stimulant for that hyperactive child in you then please check them out.

. . .

We really urge you to take the time to check out these people! The aim is not only to serve as an introduction, but also to show you that wherever you are there are people making the most wonderful music no matter how established they are.

Write you soon!

Halina and Team Podcart x


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