Bike Rodeo – Sleepwork // Review

The EP kicks off a lot like the BR live show, but everything is a little crisper sounding - thick bass and crunchy hit-hats. The biggest difference, of course, are the vocals, which are front and center on the recordings. Guitars are panned nicely left and right and everything sounds just like classic rock n roll album should.

The under two minute title track segues into 'Overtime,' with lots of bendy guitars over a super straight bass/drum line. The slower tempo is fleshed out with ethereal background vocals and a nice chorus hook. It's a slow burner for sure, but it's catchy and provides a good transition back to the next track, 'Red Rover.' More background vocals provide a nice contrast to the constantly in motion guitar lines. When it breaks down to just the bassline with guitar chords flourishes you can almost picture the windmill arm guitar strikes.

The EP finishes off with 'Strange Swallow' which brings a Halifax-sound vocal line and more mid tempo bend craziness. The chorus has a nice, long, epic feel, and might be the strongest song on the album – I could hear this being a hit single. The only thing that might be said be lacking from the Bike Rodeo sound is a bigger wash or wall of sound – with 'no effect pedals' being the motto du jour, sometimes the one chord bends sound a little dry, and you can almost hear some synth and organ sounds wanting to wander in quietly and give a nice background setting, though in some songs the backup vocals do a great job of this.

Overall this is a great and fun summer album from a great Halifax band. Look for the full length record coming out very soon! The inside scoop says that the guys are all ready hard at work at almost another full albums worth of songs, so there should be lots of fresh material from these guys in the near future.

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