Exclusive! Catbag Interview - Obey Convention

Continuing our series on Obey artist with Halifax's Catbag!

Thanks for agreeing to our interview! Introductions - who are you, and what do you do?

CATBAG & we do shapes.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard or seen your band before?

Some say industrial lounge, art historians say baroque minimalism.

Are there any other bands at the Obey festival that you’re especially excited to see?

The lineup we're playing. Two out of town Minimalist Rockabilly acts.

The name of our blog is Noisography.com. How does noise, noise music, or the concept of noise figure into your music? In a literal, or a philosophic way?

We're on the experimental free form side of noise--Ornette Coleman, Lounge Lizards, DNA--often mixing dissonance with repetitive rhythm.

What’s the weirdest show you’ve ever played?

first show(on the grass under THE GAZEBO at the architecture school)

What’s your favorite kind of show to play? Bar, House show, All ages, Festivals?

Under a tent (all the above)

Best band that (you think) no one else has heard of?

Painted Willie
Gothic Hut
The Reds

When do you think the world is going to end?

When there are no more books.

Catbag plays the Obey Convention tomorrow, Friday May 28th:

Sled Island Presents:
Slim Twig (Toronto)
Dirty Beaches (Montreal)
Light by Jacqueline Lachance
Czech Tapes found by Craig Leonard
Khyber | 10:45-1:30am
$8 advance | $9 door

$8 advance | $9 door


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