Exclusive! Amen Dunes Intervew - Obey Convention

The final interview in our Obey Convention preview - which continues all this weekend!

Today is Amen Dunes, one man band from New York City.

Thanks for agreeing to our interview! Introductions - who are you, and what do you do?

Damon McMahon, Amen Dunes

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard or seen your band before?

depends on who i'm playing with, but i guess you could call it free vocals-songs

Are there any other bands at the Obey festival that you’re especially excited to see?

looking forward to seeing local bands that I might not have gotten a chance to see elsewhere or hear before

The name of our blog is Noisography.com. How does noise, noise music, or the concept of noise figure into your music? In a literal, or a philosophic way?

sometimes i like to use noise in a literal sense, but more generally i guess noise figures into my music as dissonance at times. to be honest i dont think about it that much though

What’s the weirdest show you’ve ever played?

i played in a cancer ward once

Halifax is home to many musicians and they all tend to influence each other in different ways. What kind of scene do you come from, if any, and how has it influenced you and your music?

i come from new york , but i wouldnt say there is any one kind of music in that scene...more just about mutual friends who know and play with each other from time to time. the style of music is less important i would say...

What’s your favorite kind of show to play? Bar, House show, All ages, Festivals?

i like playing house shows, there's normally a better energy there. but actually festivals might be my favorite situation to play...

Best band that (you think) no one else has heard of?

Not necessarily bands people haven't heard before, but lately i have been liking a band from Finland called Circle of Ouroborus, and a group called Vindicatrix from England.

When do you think the world is going to end?

the world is never going to end and i am never going to die!

Amen Dunes play tonight! at the Bus Stop Theatre:

Weird Canada Presents:
Paul Metzger (Minnesota)
Amen Dunes (New York/Beijing)
Gown & Ryan Kirk
Chris d'Eon
Chik White & Even Cardwell
Screening of Broken Deer Video by Alice Cohen
Bus Stop Theatre | 7:30-10:30pm
$7 advance | $8 door


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