That 1 Guy Videos, upcoming shows and absences....

A month after the show, the videos are finally ready.

This has been a busy and crappy month!
Lots of visiting family, Easter and birthday celebrations and then a whole lot of sick!!
I have been fighting off an awful, AWFUL cold. If any of you had the luxury of speaking to me at all the last week or so, you know what I am talking about.

I think we're back on track now and more shows are on the way!
This Friday, Isaac (Unfiltered Smoke) and I will be heading to Joker's Comedy Club to check out The Johnny Dick Project. There may also be a stop into Gus' Pub in order to catch No Flyers Please, The Sidewalks, The Bad Bad Bad & Darby Hall.

Well, without further adieu - the videos!

- Tiff


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