The Voice of Russia - recording day #1

I am currently back in the basement jam space of The Voice of Russia...
2nd day of recording is on!
I got some pretty sweet shots yesterday and am working on some more today.
These guys are all pretty stoked to get these tracks finished and out there.
So far they have laid down most of the drum tracks, a few guitar/synth and vocal parts for about 6 songs.

I asked the guys what exactly they intend on doing with these songs once they are all recorded...
Answer: "I don't know".
As of right now, they have all these songs and just felt like recording them, in order to see what their songs actually sounded like. Chris said, "it just seemed like the next logical step".

When I brought up the potential of playing the shows live, I kind of got a mixed feeling.
The members share so many roles within the band - everyone takes a turn playing just about everything. There are so many layers to the songs that in order to really convey the songs live, I assume would take a lot of preparation and a few new live show members.

So I guess we will all just have to wait and see what happens.
I'll make sure to make yet another update when the songs are released and ready to be heard.

Photos: 6th February 2010 - recording day #1


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