Who is Bike Rodeo?

Bike Rodeo are an up and coming band from Halifax featuring past and present members of The Establishment, the Joyless Streets, Miles Deck and the Fuzz, and other great bands. The key to the band's tone and attitude, according to guitarists Nigel Tinker and Mike D'Eon, is the “straight in, no pedals” approach – just hot tube amps with guitars, played loud. The rock steady rhythm section of Matt and Al rounds out the trio.
On the bands upcoming full length, Tinker and D'Eon alternate between chunky riffing, searing solos, and mind melting bends – often in unison. Great harmonies – vocal and guitar – give the band a big sound. It's hard not to play loud when you've gotta crank your amp to get the dirt, but these guys know their stuff and make a great sound at (not too) ear-shattering level. With three of the four members singing at one point or another, you know this record is going to deliver a thick, thick sound.
Overall this is band that definitely gets you up and dancing with some seriously old-school, catchy tunes. Perfect for drinking some tiny beers and shaking your butt at local favorite watering hole Gus' Pub. As well watch for some upcoming all ages and on the road shows at Studio A February 6th, and George's Roadhouse in Sackville, N.B., February 12th.
Check out the pictures from the last show at Gus' in the previous post, and check them out on the web at http://www.myspace.com/bikerodeo


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