The Establishment, Force Fields & Cousins @ Gus' Pub

A hardy handful of people braved cold, snow, and Sunday evening blues to make the trek to Gus' Pub for The Establishment, Forces Fields, and Cousins. They were not disappointed.

The Establishment kicked things off pretty much on time for 10PM. It's been a while since I've seen the band, who's members are also busy playing with a variety of other Halifax bands, including Bike Rodeo, Quiet Parade, and others. They started the show loud and never let up, showcasing a good mix of old favorite and new and upcoming tracks from their soon to be released album.

From Fredericton, N.B., Force Fields (formerly known as the Fussy Part) also unveiled a host of new songs at their first Halifax show in over a year. The new material did not disappoint, delivering satisfying epic instrumental rock, courtesy of 3 guitars, synths, a drummer, bassist, and a MacBook, at least. For the finale they were joined on mini-kit by Establishment drummer Pinky, at which point they proceeded to blast through a final heavy rock and roll tune much to the delight of the audience. Make no mistake, Force Fields are probably one of the best bands on the East Coast, and probably in Canada right now. Always see them if you get the chance.

Capping off the night were Halifax local favorites, Cousins. Despite a stripped down presentation (just guitar, drums, and vocals), strong songwriting seems to have won the hearts and minds of Halifax (who do have a tendency to be easily wooed by well-crafted indie pop). See lots of pictures and videos below, as always!

Photos By Tiffany Naugler
Words By Megadan Nightingale


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