Coming Up! This weekend (Jan 16th 2010)

Monotonix in Halifax Take 2!

**photo from Monotonix MySpace page
Thats right!
Monotonix are back in Halifax!

There last show here was during the 2008 Halifax Pop Explosion. I opted out of going to it and I have kicked myself in the rear ever since.
So, I have been super excited ever since i found out that they were coming back.

Plus, one of my fav Halifax bands, A History Of and Black Moor is opening the show up!
Its gonna be a great show!

Read up on Monotonix in this weeks The Coast!


Finally some Force Fields!

I have been waiting to see Force Fields for a long time...
They were planning a show way back, that just never happened and have been waiting ever since.
When I got the facebook event invite I rsvp'ed right then and there! *sweet*

Dan and I will be at both shows this weekend ready to enjoy and document.
Dan is gonna chat with AHO and I'm going to have photos and video to boot!
This is going to be a GREAT weekend!


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