BIKE RODEO @ Gus' Pub (snow storm addition)

There was a show scheduled at Gus' Pub last night, featuring the lovely Bike Rodeo, Kestrels & Bad Arts.
Turns out Chad, got stuck in the snow storm on his way to the show, so Kestrels had to back out of the show.
Being a big fan of Bike Rodeo, still wanted to go to the show but, looking out my apartment window i really did not want to have to deal with the massive slush puddles that were lining the sidewalks and roads.
Just as i had accepted the fact that i was not going to attend the show, Megadan came to the rescue! He offered to pay my cover and buy me a couple of drinks if i were to bare the elements & go to the show with him. Really, how was I to refuse such an offer? I mean, he called it a date!

So i grabbed the camera and headed out the door...
Only caught the end of Bad Arts but they seemed pretty wicked and Bike Rodeo pleased all, as usual:) Great show fellas!


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