Marilyn Manson LIVE @ The Metro Center

That's right people! Mr. Manson himself rocked the socks off everyone in the Metro Center last Friday night when he walked on stage.
I was sitting in my seat awaiting that moment, shivering with excitement!

I opted for lower bowl seating rather than getting floor tickets. I wanted to make sure i could see everything, instead of just getting a glimps of something here and there while trying to look in between peoples heads. Due to my seating preferance, photos were pretty much out of the question... everything came out fuzzy and dark, since lighting was pretty dim. I got a few snippits of video, including 2 full songs but, coverage of this show in an audio/visual manner is less than impressive from this ole gal this time around.

I had way too much fun dancing around, pumping my fists and screaming along with Manson on just about every song! I even got myself dressed up in my 6 inch, buckle up, platform boots and a ton of make-up for the event.

The setlist looked like this:

01. We’re From America
02. Disposable Teens
03. Pretty as a Swastika
04. The Love Song
05. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
06. Four Rusted Horses
07. Dried Up, Tied, and Dead to the World
08. Leave a Scar
09. The Dope Show
10. Running to the Edge of the World
11. Rock is Dead
12. Sweet Dreams
13. Rock n’ Roll Nigger
14. Beautiful People

here is what i got for photos and video - Enjoy!



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