Fantods CD Release Show

Saturday September 19th 2009, The Fantods released thier new album ' Ride the Moose' which was recorded live @ the Blue Moon in January.

Taken from this weeks issue of The Coast:

Fun with Fantods

Ride the Moose with The Fantods and their spooky new album.
by Mike Landry

Unsatisfied with their previous three studio albums, The Fantods lugged recording equipment through subzero temperatures and slushy puddles down stairs to the Blue Moon Bistro last January to record their latest album, Ride the Moose, during a free show.

"It was just surprising how a live recording could be exactly what we wanted," says drummer Gary Peacock.

Recently added guitarist Jay Methot recorded the set, which included ten new songs about riding a moose, stalking a dead girl and culture. The songs are punk and danceable, reflecting their Cramps inspiration.

The Fantods will release the CD at Gus' Pub on Saturday as part of the crowning of the inaugural Ms. & Mr. Maynard contest (see Scene, page 28). "You have to be really creative and vicious to win. It will add a real element of insanity that will work for us." –Mike Landry

see the article and one of the photos I took of the band a few months ago, here:

and the rest of the photos from that shoot here:

They put on a great show last night and I was thrilled to be there to watch!
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