Concert in the Commons #1

So, it was randomly decided i guess that there would be a little indie concert on the commons on May 31st 2009.
It was originally scheduled for the 30th but, due to weather it was moved to Sunday.
A good thing too, as Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day to sit out in the sun and listen to some great talent.

On the bill we had: Mary Stewart, The Danger Bees & The Gypsies.
Mary Stewart:

The Gypsies:
above: this photo was later used by the Gypsies for their CD cover art.

and finally, The Danger Bees:

I hope that these little gatherings of musicians continues to happen throughout the summer here in Halifax.
I will surely keep you in the loop if they do!



Birkir said...

I miss being in Halifax. Thanks for reading my blog. I'm all over your, as of now.

TNaugler said...

sounds good man!