hello out there!

Well, there have been no posts in this blog for almost a month now... what a shame.
Dan and I have been packing and fighting and packing and moving and unpacking and waiting and I am now sitting here stealing someone's internet until Tuesday when Eastlink finally shows up to install ours!
Thats right, not to get ahead of myself, Dan and I moved.
We moved up to the top floor of our building and i must say, it is SO much nicer.
Smaller, but nicer.
How exactly we manged to move 2 people with as much stuff as Dan and I do into a smaller flat i will never figure out, but we did it.

The view is fantastic compared to the basement apartment. Its so nice to enjoy a cup of coffee up here.

Onward to the music -
Tonight we're heading out to ye ole Gus' Pub for a show filled with awesomeness!
Glory Glory Man United

Tomcat Combat


Photos and whatnot tomorrow...
as long as i can find some internet.

- Tiff


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