DD/MM/YYYY, Tomcat Combat & Glory Glory Man United

Gus' Pub - April 4th 2009

So, the show was amazing!
I completely didn't listen to my own signature advice about not forgetting my ear plugs - and i paid dearly for it. I was honestly deaf for the entire day afterwards!
Glory Glory Man United were amazing!
i was completely taken with the sound of their bass guitar...
I have seen these guys play befor ebut this was the best i have ever seen them play!

Tomcat Combat were also quite ear catching.
This was their first show with their new guitarist, Kevin. I think he did extremely well, considering he had only been randomly jamming with the band for 2 weeks. I look forward to seeing them play again with their new addition.

dd/mm/yyyy blew me away!!
They were LOUD, entertaining and sweaty. hah!
it was a really great show and I would recommend going to see this band if you get the chance!

More photos from the show on my Flickr


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