Tomcat Combat - 21/02/09 Gus' Pub

What an amazing show!

A History Of started off the night with a bang...
These guys have seriously become one of my favorite Halifax based bands.

2nd on the bill was Matt Reid.
They were cute:)
Wasn't really my thing, but it was definitely bassy enough to keep me happy and movin'!

Next up was Pip Skid...
I had never heard of this duo... and was intrigued when i saw the turn tables set up on the stage.
The beats were mad awesome but, Mr. Skid himself was not my cup of tea as an Emcee.
Still entertaining to say the least.

And to end off the evening was the fantastic Tomcat Combat!
They sounded fantastic!! The sound in Gus' is normally a little fuzzy but, other then that it was great! Very loud!
I gave my video camera to a friend, so eventually the entire set will be viewable...
But until then, here are some photos and one video:

See the rest of the photos on my flickr:
and now for the video!



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