Rubyjeanand & the Thoughtful Bees (cd release), Woodhands & Tomcat Combat @ the Marquee Club Jan. 16th 2009

This set is a little overdue as the show was on Thursday night but, here it is:)

The show started with Tomcat Combat.
It seems like its been forever since they've played a show here in Halifax.
You could definitely tell that they have been working they're asses off though. The show sounded great!!
The only thing that was off, was that the sound guy had Gary's kick drum EQed to accommodate the dance bands which were to follow, so every time he kicked - it was HUGE.
Not that the hugeness was bad... it just didn't fit with Tomcat's more rock sound.
I was probably one of few that noticed, but thats ok.
The only reason i was a bit upset with it was because Dan had worked his new bass Big Muff into some of the songs, but you couldn't really hear it all that much due to the pounding drums.
They are supposed to be doing a show sometime in March I believe, so maybe we'll get a better mix then.

is dirty electronic music. we are interested in emotional, sweaty dance floors. we want to make you cry while you're having sex. and it'll be the best damn sex of your life. and you'll be dancing. Woodhands started in a basement in Montreal, moved to Europe, and is now making love to Toronto and its environs.
That's how their myspace describes them... and it think its pretty well spot on.
Well.... i don't think they make music that I would enjoy having sex to... but hey, thats just me.

They were pretty decent.
They did do quite an entertaining version of Kaite Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" but, in all i thought there set was kind of long and there wasn't too much that stuck out as amazing.

Ruby Jean & the Thoughful Bees:
Colin Crowell (Jon McKiel) is the brains; writing, arranging and producing the beats and bleeps that swarm around the ensemble, and mixing all its component elements live on stage. Rebekah Higgs (solo artist, Outside Music) is the lungs of Ruby Jean, backing up her ecstatic, confident stage presence and audacious style with harmonies and effects created by sampling her own voice in real time. Guitarist Jason Vautour (Jon Epworth & The Improvements, Alright Already) is the arms, channeling both his Madonna and Napalm Death CDs to conjure drop-tuned-yet-danceable guitar counterpoint against pulsing synths. Sean MacGillivray (Alright Already, Jenn Grant) is the legs of the outfit, re-interpreting looped drums as real ones on a traditional rock drumkit.

These guys were pretty good.
Definitly some good dancy tunes!
Had I not been lugging around a big camera bag, suffering from a long wreched work day and annoyed by the amount of overly drunk and/or rude people that seemed to be surrounding me, I probably would have been out there like a dancin' fool. ha!
But alas, i voted to grab Dan's gear and go home.

All in all, I believe that it was a pretty great show but, i definitely feel bad for all those folks who didn't bring earplugs. Cause this was a LOUD one!


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