Kestrels 7" Release Show @ Coconut Grove

The show went pretty well i think.
It was a full house, the venue was decorated in a full out Valentines Day dance theme and about 90% of the people actually came in formal wear.

Both Murder She Wrote & Quiet Parade were actually pretty quiet as openers, i thought.
I haven't seen Murder She wrote in years and there sound really seems to have developed.

This was the first time i had seen Quiet Parade and I was actually pretty surprised. I had imagined something a little louder and a little heavier... not sure why, but I did. Still very good though, I'd like to check them out again.

Kestrels were awesome as always.
Sweater vest and suits were sported across the stage, which was hilarious to watch.

You can all the photos from the night on my Flickr


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