Christmas, show anticipation & Tomcat Combat

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Now that mostly all the chaos of Christmas is over, the real fun can begin!
Starting off with the North of America show at the North Street church on Sunday.
Holy wow. I have been waiting for this one for awhile. It seems like it has honestly been forever since i have been to a gig and it is really driving me crazy.
I left a little blurb about NoA a few posts back... check it out if you wish.
Dog Day are set to open up the show on Sunday which should be interesting. I saw them quite a while back and really was not all that impressed. I have been told that since then their sound has improved and they a much tighter as a group. So we'll give them a second listen to see if they hold a greater appeal.

There are 2 shows in January so far that I am ready to bust a gut about.
One being with That One Guy on Jan. 31st 2009 @ the Marquee Club.
This will be the last show that i will be attending at the Marquee Club as the bar is slated for demolition in Feb. to my knowledge, but that's a whole other issue.
The second show will be featuring Tomcat Combat. The show has not been confirmed yet, so I don't have the info for you right now, but i will keep you up to date.
Tomcat are honestly my favorite Halifax band right now and i don't just say that cause i know the guys. They really are amazing!!

Tomcat Combat

"A bedrock of echoing guitars pitted against an enormous rhythm section and bleeding synth melody, Tomcat Combat is a blinding tour de force of instrumental post punk anthem. Their songs push and pull syncopated rhythms through a dense wall of guitar and keyboards racing beyond the usual musical climax. The music is gripping and inten
se, earning the band a steady reputation of being one of the most exciting live shows in Halifax which has enabled them to share the stage with names like Don Caballero, Holy Fuck and Mt. Eerie. Their debut full-length record I'm Ok You're Ok was recorded with Charles Austin at Echo Chamber Audio and mixed by Graeme Campbell, and is avaliable now on Noyes Records."

They really are a fantastic band!
Check them out on or on their myspace but in the meantime, give this lil video a watch (its from back in 2007, but its a gem):

Photo: Tiffany Naugler 2008
Artisit blurb:


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