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A bit hungover and listening to Dan tinker on his bass out in the living room, I type to you to let you know that the show in Truro has been canceled. I guess too many of the bands backed out for whatever reasons, so they had to throw in the towel.
I can't say that i am not disappointed, but... there will be other shows.

Like the North of America show at the North Street Church on Dec. 28th 2008.
I haven't seen North of America since around 2005. So i figure this is going to be quite the show.


North of America Reunite for Two Christmas Shows
12/17/2008 By Josiah Hughes

Nova Scotian indie rockers North of America made quite the stir in their five-year existence, embarking on countless tours and releasing six full-length albums. Though they disbanded in 2003 and now have members spread through Halifax and Vancouver, they seem to pop up every once in a while for a reunion show or two.

Such is the case this December, as the band will be reuniting for two Halifax shows. This time, there’s a great reason — they’re celebrating their tenth anniversary as a band. Taking place over the Christmas holidays, presumably while the members are home with family, the band are playing shows on December 23 and 28. There are Facebook event pages for the shows here and here.

North of America Ten-Year Anniversary:

12/23 Halifax, NS – The Marquee Club w/ the Just Barelys
12/28 Halifax, NS – North Street Church w/ Dog Day

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