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NFP - Messtival 4 - 2011 - 32

To book your show,  email with your band's name and all the details.
Let us know whether you would like us to come out and review your band in particular, or if you would like us to cover the whole show.

If you are holding a music based event of any sorts, and would like some coverage on the site, feel free to email us your ideas! We're down for just about anything!

Cost &  Effect:

We at Noisography are here for the music…
Therefore our basic services cost you nothing - but admission to your show.

For this you will receive a full written account of your show, photo and video documentation and show promotion before the actual event.

Bands are free to use all photos and videos, that are posted on the site, as they wish.

On request we do provide hi-res photos, without the watermark.
We will put you in contact with the photographer who did your show, in order to work out pricing details.

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